Anti-vaxxer takedown of the day

Another day, another anti-vaxxer being put in their place in the most satisfying fashion.

This one was shared by FaKeZa0 over on Reddit who said: ‘Coming back at an Anti-Vaxxer.’

And just in case you don’t know it, the Golden Corral is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant chain.

‘I feel like that’s the type of crowd already at the Golden Corral.’

‘She’s even got the classic “wearing sunglasses in the car selfie” profile picture that’s typical of people like that.’

‘F-ck seatbelts there are air bags or is it f-ck airbags there are seatbelts, or f-ck seatbelts and airbags there are stop lights … wait.’

‘I wonder why people don’t use the nudism comparison more often. The masks are nothing but an extra item of cover on your body. Why is it that much more oppressive to be forced to wear one over your mouth and nose than it is to be forced to cover your genitals or even a woman’s boobs? Why is it ok to morally condemn something that only hurts prudish feelings, but forcing people to care for other’s health and safety, protecting them from something that actually violates their freedom to live a healthy life, is not?’


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Source Reddit u/FaKeZa0