This last-second moment in the women’s climbing is the Olympics most heart-stopping twist

Climbing is not exactly the purists’ favourite sport at the Olympics, but it does make for a helluva watch.

And there was surely no more heart-stopping final twist than this, the women’s speed climbing contest between Great Britain’s Shauna Coxsey and world record holder Iuliia Kaplina, representing the Russian Olympic Committee, which went viral because, well, watch.

That’s gotta hurt,’ said WitleKidz who shared it over on Reddit.

‘The Flail of Pain is one everyone feels.’

‘Damn those are the breaks. On the last leap as well. Guessing she will replay that scene in her head until exhaustion for some time.’

‘The leg kicks as she descended is what got me … poor thing.’
‘That got me, too. Especially hanging on a rope – there’s nothing to push or grab or jump or any sort of outlet for that physical stress. The most exertion you can get is to flail your tiny arms and legs like a little baby, and it does not help.’

‘Luckily her first attempt was 7.65 seconds, she just tried to improve her already great earlier run. I can imagine she is very disappointed, but fortunately not the end of the world.’


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Source Reddit u/WitleKidz