There’s a fundraiser to name an RNLI lifeboat after Nigel Farage and he’s absolutely fuming

Amateur beachcomber and unofficial Secretary of State for International Relations, Nigel Farage, may well receive a very rare honour, as a fundraiser for an RNLI lifeboat to be named after him is rapidly approaching its target.

Weirdly – he doesn’t seem at all happy about it.

Farage has been involved in a protracted spat with the lifesaving charity over their willingness to *checks notes* rescue people from the English Channel. Specifically asylum seekers.

The former head of UKIP, The Brexit Party and Reform UK* objects to anyone rescuing those attempting to reach England via non-scheduled boats, accusing the RNLI of being a “migrant taxi service”.


This was their response.

The outcry saw donations flood in, making the RNLI more than £200,000 in a day, then Simon Harris – @simonharris_mbd on Twitter – started the gofundme fundraiser.

He wrote –

I am trying to raise enough money to buy a new lifesaving hovercraft for the RNLI, and I would like it to be called ‘The Flying Farage’.

I feel that this would be incredibly appropriate due to Mr Farage taking such an active interest in the RNLI’s activities right now.

If there is any money left over, we will purchase a pint of real English ale to smash against the front in the naming ceremony, and if there’s loads of money left over we may even buy a second vessel and call it ‘The Galloping Grimes’ or ‘The Hovering Hopkins.’

It wasn’t just Farage who was all at sea over the proposal. His fanbase was in quite the lather.

Most tweeters seemed very much behind it, however, judging by comments like these.

PJ Lloyd had another alternative name suggestion.

Looks like The Flying Farage might get itself a little shorthand moniker.

You can find Simon on Facebook as manbehavingdadly and you can donate to his fundraiser here, if you feel like getting on board. Not literally.


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