Michael Spicer’s hilarious takedown of accent snobs is 34 seconds well spent

You’ve probably spotted the row over Sir Digby Jones making disparaging remarks about the accent of Olympic commentator Alex Scott.
It’s been less of a row and more of a rout, to be fair, as pretty much everyone and their dog has posted a takedown of the self-owning peer, with comments like these –

By an extraordinary coincidence …

via Gfycat

Mr Michael Spicer shared this very short – and NSFW – sketch on the topic of people being snobbish about pronunciation.

We knew you’d enjoy it.

These people did too.

We have to agree with Natasha Iles on this.

If you enjoy Michael’s comedy, you’ll be happy to know he may well be appearing at a venue near you with his Room Next Tour. Try not to miss out.


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