This caller to James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour made radio history twice over

Every Thursday at 12 noon on LBC, James O’Brien hosts an unusal hour of radio, with his Mystery Hour. Callers ring in with questions about things that have been baffling them, or answers to questions from another caller.

Those doing the answering are forbidden from looking them up, whether on a search engine or in a book, and the reward for getting one right is a round of applause.

Once in a while, a person will be so perfectly placed to answer a question that they earn Mystery Hour’s highest honour – a Ray Liotta, recorded by Mr Liotta, himself.

Some past mysteries to have been solved include –

How does chewing gum help our mental state?

Why is seven sometimes drawn with a line through it?

Why do we eat using a knife and fork?

If you want to know the answers, you’ll have to follow the links – but not until you’ve read the rest of this post.

On Thursday, Damien in Guildford rang in with a very unusual answer. Here’s what happened.

“You asked the question, why is Gibraltar 115% vaccinated?”

“Yes but that was yesterday …This is Mystery Hour. Within the parameters of Mystery Hour you are about to make history by answering a question before it’s been asked.”

This is how Twitter reacted to the extraordinary moment.

We’re saying it made history twice over – but should that be three times?


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