Nigel Farage and Darren Grimes took on the RNLI and the takedowns were a thing of beauty

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a charity that rescues those who get into difficulties on or near the coast, which is clearly a thing to be applauded, right?

Not for some people, and you could probably guess who a couple of those might be.

This man, for example.

Another shot across the bow came from Nigel Farage, who used his platform on GB News to describe the RNLI as a “migrant taxi service”.

They posted this rebuttal, with sensitive footage of their work.

It prompted another rant from Farage, which we won’t bother sharing, but it involved him addressing RNLI bosses with these words –

“(I)f you … want to pick a fight with me, that’s fine by me, I’ve fought people bigger and uglier than you”

We weren’t sure whether to give him the oxygen of publicity, for reasons best expressed by James O’Brien.

But thankfully, for our faith in human nature, most people have been offering their support to the charity, and condemning the dreadful point of view that paints them as anything other than heroes, and we thought these takedowns deserved an airing.