An awkward old kiss cam moment is giving people joy because it’s such a mood

People have been laughing and cringing again at this old and very awkward kiss cam moment (Is there a non-awkward kind?), after it was shared by journalist Michael Moran.

We suspect she’d think twice about doing that now – or go for a double-masked kiss.

The action took place at an Atlanta Hawks match in March 2017, when they posted it in a montage. You can jump to 1 minute 19 seconds, if you want, but it’s only the same footage with a Disney soundtrack.

Setting aside the weirdness of the concept of the kiss cam, most people enjoyed the mini drama.

Not everyone was convinced that the incident was real.

Does it really matter?

Whatever you think about the reality or otherwise of that, we really hope this one was staged, because OMG …

Maybe it’s time for the Atlanta Hawks to retire the kiss cam.


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Source Atlanta Hawks H/T Michael Moran Image Screengrab

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