The amazing Zoom-ouflage Shirt™️ saves you getting dressed for video conferences

Although people are starting to return to their workplaces, the video conference is here to stay, and it’s not always convenient. For example, what happens when you just don’t want to dress up smart – or at all – for one of them?

Based on a suggestion by @jonnyvox, the unique Matty Benedetto – @unnecessaryinventions – has created just the solution to that problem.

He added this explanation.

“The Zoom-ouflage Shirt™️ Create the illusion you are fully dressed on your next Zoom call. This mini mannequin is perfect for all those days you simply don’t want to get dressed.

Strategically place it in front of your computer’s WebCam to undoubtedly fool every person you encounter digitally. Enjoy your day in absolute nature comfort… just don’t stand up!”

We can see no downside to this product, and neither could these Instagram users.

Thanks, shut the account down, you can’t top this one.

Seems more like a necessary invention.

Need 10 by the end of the day (will only use one tho)

Now you have to do the underwear version 👀👀👀

As if Matty hadn’t done enough for the beleaguered worker with the Zoom-ouflage shirt, there’s also this brilliant invention to cope with the chore of typing passwords.

We truly are spoilt.

You can also enjoy Matty’s ‘unnecessary’ inventions on YouTube.


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Source Unnecessary Inventions Image Screengrab

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