What a wonderful day for a rollercaster ride – oh!

With Covid restrictions practically non-existent and the weather being uncharacteristically hot, we expect the theme parks of the UK and Ireland to be rammed at the moment.

We hope all the visitors have a safe and enjoyable day out, and that this doesn’t happen to any of them.

Did that bird even pay the entrance fee? It looked like it was still flapping after the collision, so we’re remaining hopeful that it lived to terrorise another thrill-seeker.

I like to think she was confronting her fear of heights and then was simultaneously forced to reconcile her phobia of birds at the same time.

As u/100_Donuts explained –

“And the thing is, that bird knows that that’s the fling zone. That sucker flings all day long and birds know not to fly in the fling zone, but wud that bird do? It flew directly into the fling zone and got pinned and got flung.

Fly in the flinger and get yer wings pinned.

The thing is, you can’t fly with fling pinned wings. Go on. Flap a fling pinned wing. Flick those feathers. There’s no flapping pinned winged full of frozen feathers in the flinger. Don’t fly in the fling zone, kid.”

Easy for them to say.


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Source r/unexpected Image Screengrab

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