Rightwing fury at Tom Brady’s Donald Trump joke is a supremely satisfying read

You might already have seen seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady’s joke at the expense of Donald Trump and those election fraud claims when he visited Joe Biden at the White House this week.

Super Bowl winners were conspicuous by their absence at the White House during Donald Trump’s time in charge, but Brady and the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned up to say hello to Joe Biden and this rather fabulous moment happened.

Brady’s a long-time friend of Donald Trump – they used to play golf together – and it’s fair to say people loved it, they really loved it.

But the best response was surely the rightwing fury it prompted.

And it was nowhere better captured than the meltdown suffered by rightwing news site, Breitbart (where @joelpollak is editor at large)

And those headlines in full …



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Source Twitter @owillis H/T Indy100

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