People enjoyed this Scottish tattoo parlour’s brutal clapback to a customer’s ‘one-star review’

It always makes for a satisfying read when a customer who leaves (or threatens to leave) an unfair one-star review is firmly and entertainingly put back in their place.

And this is a winning example, a Scottish tattoo studio which went viral with this response to a customer who got in touch to complain about their work and threatened to leave a one-star review.

It’s fair to say they weren’t messing around.


It’s the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio in Glasgow and you can find them on Facebook here.

And just three of the many comments it prompted.

‘Prime example of the customer isn’t always right … or obv the customers dad. It’s magic the way you guys don’t bow down to them, they deserve these responses whole heartedly.’
Lynsey Bell

‘A friend (we’re Canadian) shared this and all I can do is laugh and appreciate the linguistics difference across the ocean. “manky wee bastard” has me dead.’
Kaydie LA Zınck

‘I’d get a tattoo done from here just based on your replies.’
Shona Fowlie


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Source Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio H/T Mirror Image Unsplash

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