Larry and Paul’s ‘real daily briefing’ is two and a half minutes of satirical gold

You are probably familiar with the details of the government’s recent embarrassing u-turn on whether the PM and Chancellor would be taking part in a pilot that would have allowed them to ignore self-isolation rules.

The saga played out across a day, but Larry Budd and Paul Dunphy – @larryandpaul – have condensed it to two and a half very entertaining and informative minutes.

In case you missed it, there was a nod to this awkward incident.

One YouTube user, named Nic, recalled the cost of the government’s underwhelming briefing room.

“I hope the set cost no less than £2.6m and was funded by a Russian firm. 😉”

When the duo shared the sketch on Twitter, it obviously hit the sweet spot.

We suspect many people are tempted to go down this road.


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