This super smart dog’s next level trolling is simply hilarious

If you only watch one funny dog video this week, make it this one. It’s a clip of a dog, well, actually two dogs, and some next level trolling which is simply hilarious.

Next level stuff!

The clip went viral on Reddit after it was shared by captain_flo who said: ‘This dog is a high level troll’ and here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Lmao what an asshole.’

‘That’s a cat in a dog costume.’

‘That slow walk away after the dog dropped the toy – a troll stroll?’

‘The dog waited for the other dog to pull its chain to its maximum length to actually calculate the closest unreachable point. I wonder if even I’ve been so mean.’

‘That’s some Tom and Jerry featuring Spike the dog level bullshit.’

Which prompted fellow Redditor TezMono to share this.


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Source Twitter @fred035schultz Reddit u/captain_flo

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