A classic takedown of Boris Johnson in the readers’ letters of Private Eye

Letter of the week goes to this one, from the new issue of Private Eye which went viral after it was shared by @matthewcobb on Twitter.

And just in case it’s tricky to see the whole thing …


It’s unkind to use a classics degree as shorthand for the “bluster, lies and deceit” that characterise the current government, and I say that writing from my office in a university bioscience department.

The sciences can and will save your lives, especially in the face of climate change and current and future pandemics, but classics and the other humanities are going to be what makes those lives worth living afterwards.

The problem with Boris Johnson’s response to the pandemic isn’t that he studied classics: it’s that he’s a twat.

John Bothwell, Durham

In short …

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Source Twitter @matthewcobb @PrivateEyeNews

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