The video of this student pilot who lost engine power mid-flight is a terrifying edge of the seat watch

This is very probably the most terrifying two-a-half-minutes you’ll watch today.

It’s a video of a student pilot who lost engine power mid-flight which went viral on Reddit because, well, watch.

Cool as a cucumber. Amazing.

‘Great display of Panic Conquest. Great reaction. Great instructor. Many things processed, simple execution. Great real example. Pucker up.’

‘Yeah when he said proceed to the runway I’d have been like “hey asshole didn’t you hear me I’m losing my engine” 😂 can’t believe how calm he was. Unreal.’

‘Aviation expert here specializing in stalled engine diagnostics. I think what happened here was the weight of this man’s testicles was too much for the aircraft to handle.’

‘As a retired Army helicopter pilot, the calmness of this kid is amazing. I’ve flown with trained aviators who literally shit or pissed their pants when we experienced engine failure or had to do a hard landing or water landing. Kudos to this guy.’

And just in case you were wondering …

‘People don’t realize that squawking 7500 means there is a hijack, while 7700 is for general emergencies.’

‘Thanks for clarifying, I was wondering what the distinction was.’

To conclude …

‘This dude has ice in his veins.’


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Source Reddit u/Rooonaldooo99

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