The government’s ‘two jabs’ rule for clubbers will start in September – the only 5 responses you need

In another, less hasty, u-turn than the one which saw Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak decide to self-isolate rather than take part in a pilot scheme to let them continue working after contact with an infected person, the PM has announced that vaccine passports will become compulsory.

With only 35 per cent of 18 to 30-year-olds having taken up the opportunity to have even a first vaccination, the move has been described as coercion by those against the jab, making it a hill upon which some are quite literally prepared to die.

The irony of the announcement being made on ‘Freedom Day’, mere hours after scenes of packed nightclubs had hit the headlines, was not lost on anyone.






To be clear, while two jabs may be compulsory for clubbers, clubs are in no way compulsory for the jabbed.



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Source BBC Image Antoine Julien, Antoine Julien on Unsplash and Screengrab

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