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Facepalm of the day

The latest in an occasional series, today’s facepalm of the day was a runaway winner.

It’s a string of Amazon reviews for this protective facemask shared by putadiminuta over on Imgur and it’s a proper jaw dropper.

And you might have seen this coming, but they certainly didn’t.

They can’t all have been joking. Can they?

‘These people are really out there, stay safe’

‘Customer once cussed me out because she didn’t order a blue dishwasher. When she stop screaming I slowly peeled off the plastic.’

‘I work in IT. There is a reason you always start with the basics like “Is it plugged in.”

‘A reminder that 100 IQ is considered average, which means there’s a lot of people under that.’


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Source Imgur putadiminuta

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