Brian Bilston took down Boris Johnson with a clever reworking of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’

This government hasn’t exactly been covering itself in glory recently – or, indeed, ever – with scandals surrounding ministers and high-level advisers breaking lockdown rules, accusations of cronyism and obscene amounts of wasted funds. Not to mention this –

It seems apt, then, that the fantastic Mr Brian Bilston, unofficial Twitter Poet Laureate, has reworded a popular poem by Rudyard Kipling, to critique the UK’s Old Etonian PM.

If the top hat fits –

It’s worth reminding ourselves that Eton wasn’t all that impressed with the young Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, either.

A man very familiar with the workings of government had this high praise for Brian’s lyrical takedown.

We’ll drink to that.

If you enjoy Brian’s work – and why wouldn’t you? – he’s a published poet with books you can actually buy here.


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