This Irish pub’s reaction to England’s final penalty miss went viral

England fans of a sensitive disposition, look away now. It’s a video of a packed Irish pub’s reaction to England’s final penalty miss against Italy.

It was posted on TikTok by @odhranmcgoldrick and went viral on Reddit because, well, watch.


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And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘This is the calmest pub in the country that saw that match.’

‘I wish I could be this passionate about things.’

‘Still proud of our lads, Saka we love you.’

‘I’m Irish and while I was delighted ye lost my heart broke for the lads that didn’t get the penalties.’

‘It was the same in the pub I work in (Scottish pub), people were hugging each other, drinks were flying everywhere, a spontaneous rendition of “it’s coming home” erupted, people were setting off fireworks down by the River Clyde, about 500 people partied in George Square, cars were tooting their horns all night, was like a war just ended. Peace in our time!!

Last word to this England supporter.

‘As an Englishman, I’m always mad at the level of joy over England losing. I’m like, bit harsh, I’m a nice guy. Then I see the idiots storming Wembley, attacking rival fans, racially abusing our players and I’m like (sigh) …I get it.’


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Source TikTok @odhranmcgoldrick Reddit u/whistnow