People can’t believe the entitled rules set out for guests at this wedding

If you thought Bridezillas could be bad, wait until you see the unreasonable list of rules for anyone wanting to attend this wedding, sent out not by the bride but by her planner.

The cringeworthy note was shared by u/mariusionicair on r/ChoosingBeggars.

Reddit users were appalled by the entitlement – and the spelling.


I’m guessing either

A) friend of the couple serving in that role, but not necessarily a regular wedding coordinator, or

B) fictitious coordinator and actually coming from the couple themselves


Out of all the rules, don’t check in on Facebook until instructed is my favorite.


Like, how would they know the value of the gift? It would be funny to bring a wrapped gift, say it’s worth $75, and it’s really a box of toilet paper.


Last year, a box of toilet paper could have been worth more than $75.


If I was the wedding planner and forgot to plan anything, this is what I’d send to everyone to ensure nobody showed up. No guests means no one notices I haven’t planned anything.


I’d do half my face in makeup, lady gaga style.


Why the strict hair rules though? Are you going to a wedding or joining to a cult?


I do hope everyone with short hair, especially the men, are able to get extensions so they can fashion their hair into a simple ponytail or bun. They make clip on one’s, right?

Finally – another rule, but this time for the wedding planner.


No 11. Don’t write anything until you learn how to spell.


This bride’s ‘wedding rules’ were a little bit OTT and it didn’t end well

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