If you took England’s defeat badly, it could have been worse, you could have been this guy

No matter how bad you felt about England’s penalty shootout defeat by Italy, you probably didn’t take it quite as badly as this guy.

It’s a CCTV recording shared on Reddit by hans_gruber1 of a neighbour’s (NSFW) response to the penalty shootout and it’s a very funny (and shouty) listen.

Always the World Cup next year, right?

“WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WIN?!” Gold hahaha.’

‘As a sports fan of teams that haven’t won in my lifetime I felt that.’

‘I was expecting the doors to come off.’

“Not again” was what really got me and made me smile in comfort with him. As a 36 year old I’ve watched too many of these games. 96, 98, 04, 06, 12. And now 20/21.’


Roy Keane saving the tea when England scored is making us smile through the gloom

Source Reddit u/hans_gruber1

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