Ian Hislop owning Priti Patel on Question Time has gone viral all over again and it’s breathtaking stuff

Accusations of hypocrisy levelled at Home Secretary Priti Patel have sent this old Question Time clip viral all over again.

Patel was called out by England footballer Tyrone Mings over her condemnation of the racist abuse faced by his teammates after she’d previously called players taking the knee ‘gesture politics’.

And it prompted @ChrisMousse3 to reply with this Question Time clip in which Patel responds to Ian Hislop’s about the death penalty.

And it’s 94 seconds very well spent.

And just a few of the things people were saying about it.


Tyrone Mings slammed Priti Patel for hypocrisy after her condemnation of racist abuse of the England team

Source Twitter @ChrisMousse3 @Angry_Voice

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