This killer takedown of a covidiot is our Facepalm of the Day

Try not to facepalm yourself too hard when you see this screenshot shared by u/Elitetimeline7 on Reddit.

The ‘If it really existed you’d definitely know you had it.‘ argument is just one of many that fall apart under the slightest scrutiny, along with ‘Masks deplete your oxygen.‘, ‘Vaccines make you magnetic. and others.

This perfect response to the comment really showed it up for the nonsense it is.

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Here are just a few of the many great reactions from Reddit users.


Imagine a virus so deadly that it stays asymptomatic for 2 weeks just to be able to infect more people, and to develop inside to increase it’s reproductive power. There are many things that can be deadly and stealthy at the same time.


Who’s gonna tell him you can get tested for the flu, strep throat and the common cold?


Pfff… Cancer? There’s an essential oil for that


AIDS? I mean, HIV has no symptoms until your immune system starts shutting down.


How dare you expect these idiots to posses any knowledge of what they claim to be experts on?!

In conclusion, u/OutsideBoxes9376 turned it on its head with this understandably NSFW response.

“Imagine, if you will, a global pandemic wrecking millions of people’s lives and you’re over here denying it exists. That’s the fuckin twilight zone, pal.”

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