This woman’s funny first encounter with a toaster has popped up and people just love it

You don’t need to speak Mandarin to understand this hilarious unfolding food fail. Just watch to the end and enjoy the woman’s learning curve.

A Reddit user named acetylmoney very helpfully provided a translated transcript.


“Have a look at this, look at how my Mother has toasted this bread – she’s toasted it into this. How have you been toasting it?

I’ve been toasting it like this, no?

Toasting it like that?

Yeah. no?

Toast goes in properly

Ohh that’s how you toast it!


You toasted it into this, how am I supposed to eat this ahahahhaha?”

That’s pretty much what we’d guessed they were saying.

Here’s how other Redditors reacted.


Digging that loving chuckle. Couldn’t understand a word but didnt need to.


I love seeing something so simple like a toaster bring joy to someone who has never used one before.


I’m glad she found it funny too, seems like they have a fun relationship.


Oh my god this is so precious. The lil kid hugging his grandma at the end like “no it’s okay grandma”.

Perhaps the toast shouldn’t be the helpful son’s only concern.


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