This giant dog wanting to play with a tiny kitten is very funny and totally adorable

This video of a giant dog wanting to play with this tiny kitten went viral on Reddit because it’s so cute and very funny.

Took us a few seconds to reassure ourselves the dog wasn’t going to eat it, but it turns out the kitty was in safe paws.

And just a few of the many comments it prompted.

‘I’m not saying that dog looks like a lion, I’m just saying that dog looks more like a lion than any other dog.’

‘Big dogs limiting the amount of power they exert when playing with weaker things – children, kittens, puppies, smaller animals – will always be one of my favourite things. This dog knows that even just pawing at this kitten would be too forceful so he refrains from even doing that.’

‘Poor cat has started the game at max difficulty skipping the intro.’

‘I want all the kittens to play with that dog at the same time.’

‘So does the dog!’

And just in case you were wondering …

‘Anyone know the dog breed?’

It’s a Central Asian Shepherd, also called alabai. This one here looks like a puppy.’

‘A puppy!? Like not full grown!? 😮’

‘Yep, best way to tell is to look at the paws. puppies will grow into their paws, but especially with larger breeds they look goofily oversized when they’re still young haha.’

to conclude …

‘What a gentle boye! But I understand why the kitten was kind of on edge. That dog’s head was bigger than the whole kitten.
Would you completely trust a friendly T-Rex?’

Source Reddit u/Thund3rbolt

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