Laurence Fox’s anti-mask version of The Drugs Don’t Work is every bit as bad as you’d expect

Although it has announced a very likely end to all legal requirements apart from self-isolating after a positive Covid test, the government is still conducting tests to determine the safety of large-capacity events.

One of these is the upcoming Tramlines Festival in Sheffield, which was expected to feature The Verve’s former frontman, Richard Ashcroft, who has pulled out due to his refusal to play gigs at venues with any coronavirus restrictions.

He shared his decision on Instagram.

Tweeters weighed in on the stance.

However, the most attention-grabbing reaction was that of former actor and failed London Mayoral candidate, Laurence Fox, who was ‘inspired’ to produce this adaptation of The Verve’s hit, The Drugs Don’t Work.

We’re not sure how murdering a classic contributes to the discourse, but there you go.

There were even more responses to the song than to Ashcroft’s statement – and these were our favourites.

To sum up –


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Source Laurence Fox Image Instagram, Screengrab

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