Susanna Reid’s face as Richard Madeley explains England’s 4-0 win to Sam Allardyce is an absolute picture

Richard Madeley was back on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and sure as day follows night, Alan Partridge was immediately trending on Twitter.

And this moment from today’s interview with Sam Allardyce – who has managed more football teams than we have space for – to talk England’s progress to the Euros semi-finals was an instant classic.

It was made all the better by the look on Susanna Reid’s face and went viral after it was shared by @BeardedGenius on Twitter.


And it’s not the first time the look on Susanna Reid’s face has spoken volumes. Remember this from a week or so ago?

Come back Piers Morgan, all is f… only kidding. Probably.

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Source Twitter @BeardedGenius

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