Arnold Schwarzenegger on why the ‘self-made man’ is a myth went viral all over again because it’s so good

As if you needed one more reason to love Arnold Schwarzenegger, along comes this.

It’s an address the actor and former governor of California gave to students four years ago at the University of Houston about why the concept of the ‘self-made man’ is a myth.

And it’s just gone viral all over again on Reddit because it’s so good.

“It’s important to recognize that at every step of the way, I had help. It’s important to acknowledge that. As soon as you understand that you are here because you had a lot of help, you realize you need to help others. Don’t just think about yourself.”

And just three of the many things people had to say about it.

‘Legendary human.’

‘Work hard, accept help, achieve, provide help, and repeat.’

‘I did not agree with his politics, but now every time his tweets pop up in my social media, he makes me smile.
Arnold embodies what we could be. I can disagree with somebody, but still value them as a person.
Why have we forgotten this?’

And finally this, a response form the great man himself.

‘Thank you for sharing. I know the second part of the speech only got a few seconds, so I just want to remind all of you to please give back and help others as soon as you find your own vision and success.’


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Source Reddit u/__Dawn__Amber_

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