The brutal takedown of this grim Lee Hurst tweet had everyone cheering

Right wing former TV comedian Lee Hurst – stick with us, please – has had his say about that awful video of Chris Whitty apparently being accosted and it’s just as grim as you’d expect it to be.

Boris Johnson described the video of England’s chief medical officer, in which he appears to be manhandled by two people as he struggles to get away, as ‘appalling harassment.’

‘Proud covidiot’ Lee Hurst thought otherwise, you might not be surprised to learn, and what followed had the whole internet cheering.

Mega oof.

The exchange was shared on Twitter by @supermathskid who said: ‘And they call this a hell site.’

And just a few of the other things people were saying about it.


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Source Twitter @mulleralexander H/T Twitter @supermathskid