Brexit chaos sees lorry drivers battling in the open-air toilet of Kent

Once upon a time, there was a thing called Brexit that was going to lay a golden footpath to the sunlit uplands of greater international trade, more fish, pretty blue passports and £350 million extra funding each week for the NHS.

Some terrible people suggested that the words on the side of the bus might not be completely honest, that the sunlit uplands might be marred by such things as international tariff rules, The Good Friday Agreement and *checks notes* being a tiny island with less clout than an enormous trading bloc.

They even had the temerity to say that border checks would cause massive tailbacks in the picturesque Leave-voting county of Kent – home of Brexit hero, Nigel Farage.

These claims became known as ‘Project Fear‘ and were clearly utter nonsense.

Oh, wait …







The ever insightful @Trudski2012 summed it up.


Kent’s Leavers don’t want Remainers to say “I told you so” as it becomes the Farage Garage

Source BBC News Image Amit Lahav on Unsplash