How many chancers have to complain before you make a sign like this?

Meanwhile, at a riverside tavern in the USA …

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u/Atomic_Dyke asked what we were all thinking.

Jesus Christ how much of a fuss did these people have to make for them to put up a sign like this?

A couple of people tried to guess at how the complaints might have been expressed.

WAIT , WHAT !!! There are actually bugs outside? Why wasn’t I told about this? I demand to speak to the Manager this is UNACCEPTABLE !!

“EXCUSE ME SIR there is WAY too much nature here for my liking. Could you please tone it down a bit?”

One person had experienced the phenomenon in the wild, so to speak.

I had a woman complain it was too hot and that there were too many bugs, outside, in August, in Iowa, next to a river.

A Reddit user named u/fantjessie had this top tip.

If I sit outside, I always keep a coaster on my beverage as a “lid” because… well… I’m outside.

They should add that to the sign.


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Source Reddit Image Reddit, Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

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