13 funny pictures of the week

It’s that time of the week when we look back at some of the funniest pictures that went viral on Reddit over the last seven days.

1. ‘Found this on a bench in Margate UK this weekend’

(via u/lookthatwayplease)

2. ‘My dog doesn’t bite … he judges’

(via u/Brandy_Bran)

3. ‘Went to museum and they had a working piano they had this sign’

(via u/OkSurprise7755)

4. ‘My Wife helped me sunscreen my back at beach day today (TWICE)!!’

(via u/Leeroy_D)

5. ‘Imagine falling asleep at the start of the flight and waking up to this!’

(via u/Pyjama-Dan)

6. ‘Didn’t give a Mcfuck ☠️’

(via u/GloBoyKen)

7. ‘Are you sure about that?’

(via u/fmintar1)

8. ‘Classic Allen Tire Co’

(via u/BoozeSlinger32)

9. ‘Someone pointed out it looks like godzillas butt diving into the pot and now I cant unsee it’

(via u/No_Opportunity_4339)

10. ‘Found this cake today …’

(via u/kashmiri-chai)

11. ‘Do not disturb me. I’m blooming’

(via u/Scaulbylausis)

12. ‘I found this with my 8 y/o’s stuff. I think the second graders are forming gangs. I kind of want to join this one’

(via u/airwalker08)

13. ‘Father’s Day gift from daughter. I must say I AM a great pillow layer’

(via u/Jpfeife)


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