We’re sorry to say people are still pranking GB News. Do please stop it everyone

It’s been a memorable first week for Andrew Neil’s ‘anti-woke’ news channel, GB News, if not always (ever) for the reasons they would presumably have wanted.

First someone called ‘Mike Hunt’ got in touch and had their name read out on air.

Then ‘Mike Oxlong’ felt moved to share their views and it got even better.

It prompted presenter Simon McCoy to make this impassioned plea for people to stop mocking them, which only had the effect of making the whole thing even more hilarious.

But we’re sorry to say it appears not to have worked, at least not if these two instances are anything to go by.

Here’s GB News presenter and former Apprentice contestant Michelle Dewberry reading a message from ‘Cleo Torez’.

And then comedian Adam Pacitti did this in the ‘big question’ programme with (who else?) Laurence Fox.

And here’s that moment in full.

The absolute cheek!

Let’s hope that sort of thing doesn’t keep happening. That would be awful.


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Source Twitter @adampacitti @GBNewsFails