The Man Who Decides Things is at it again – this time with dog hairstyles

Australian children’s entertainer and comedian, Jimmy Rees, has given us several videos revealing how things are decided, like autocorrect, for example.


Full vid on my YouTube 😂😂😂!!! Gotta live auto cucumber … I mean cucumber… duck… CUCUMBER … I give up

♬ original sound – JimmyRees

Or packaging –


Watch the rest on YouTube link in bio!! There is another 2 minutes of ridiculous packaging decisions!! 😂😂😂 ##foodpackaging

♬ original sound – JimmyRees

He’s recently turned his hilarious attention to hairstyles for dogs.

For the absence of doubt, he’s not actually advocating docking tails or ears.

The accuracy, though.

YouTube users loved it.

Jim Clark

So funny. Love it.
And I always end up learning new things when watching your videos.

gagandeep kaur

I came here for good laughs and I also learnt all dog breeds. Thanks


Beard and a Fountain…. is that a dog hairstyle or Wanker Coffee Barista?

From someone with better knowledge than we have –

Ladypei And the clown

As a dog groomer, this is fuckin hilarious and on point😂😂😂😂😂

You can follow Jimmy on TikTok and Twitter, as well as YouTube.


‘The Guy Who Decides Packaging’ is funny because it’s so true

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