Dominic Cummings shone a light on government failings with WhatsApp screenshots

We can only imagine the insomnia and palpitations of government ministers since Dominic Cummings tweeted an enormous thread of savage accusations – and appeared before a parliamentary select committee to explain them.

The Guardian’s Paul Johnson summed up the former Special Advisor’s evidence.

What that doesn’t show is how much of his vitriol was aimed at the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. This does, though –

From the moment Cummings picked up his box and made a very public exit via the front door of Downing Street, his former colleagues must have known what was coming.

But when Matt Hancock’s select committee appearance came and went with no sign of any evidence to back up the accusations against him, the PM and his inner circle may have allowed themselves to hope it would all go away. The fools.

On Wednesday, Cummings published the missing evidence in a 7000-word+ Substack blog, which he selectively tweeted.

One item in particular grabbed the headlines.

Here’s a closer look at that exchange with the PM.

In Substack, he also shared this screenshot of Johnson suggesting replacing Hancock with Gove.

It was a far cry from the assurances of confidence in Hancock that have been coming out of Downing Street.

People were incredibly shocked at the news that anybody might think Matt Hancock was ‘fucking hopeless’. Oh no, wait – they weren’t.

It wasn’t just Hancock getting it in the neck. Cummings explained that the PM’s behaviour in meetings was so counter-productive that his stay in hospital made Downing Street more efficient.

Tweeters had a lot of thoughts on the allegations, and these were unmissable.