The Downing Street briefing about postponing ‘Freedom Day’ went as well as you’d expect

The much-anticipated end of lockdown rules which was due to take place on the 21st of June has officially been delayed until the 19th of July, four weeks later.

A lot of people blame Boris Johnson, or at least his government, for the disappointing news, after they failed to control travel from India, the presumed origin of the highly transmissible Delta variant, until weeks after it was known to be a problem.

The briefing, which you can watch here, if you haven’t suffered enough, wasn’t as slick as it could or should have been.

The PM fielded one awkward question by insisting that he had great confidence that the 19th of July would be the new Freedom Day.

There seemed to be good news about weddings, with the number of guests to be calculated by how many fit, with social distancing, into the venue, rather than a blanket cap of 30.

Unfortunately, the ban on indoor singing and dancing will remain in place, with outdoor singing and dancing also discouraged.

We have to wonder what are the rules on indoor and outdoor fighting; it is a wedding, after all.

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