Simply 11 funny pictures we’ve seen this week

It’s that time of the week again when we round up 13 of the funniest pictures we’ve seen on Reddit over the last seven days.

1. ‘When you don’t have a pride flag but want to be involved’

(via u/lessons_learnt)

2. ‘Got my 2nd dose today no side effects at all just some weight gain & sluggishness. Thanks Moderna!’

(via u/Frosty_Aardvark)

3. ‘We picked up the new bed for the dog today’

(via u/aloofwatermelon)

4. ‘So close’

(via u/stereoscopic_)

5. ‘Well, F-ck you too’

(via u/Appropriate-Bit-6978)

6. ‘My parent’s cats have been killing too many birds in the backyard. Solution #1’

(via u/Heliwomper)

7. ‘Best use of car decals I’ve ever seen’

(via u/Bearded_Bone_Head)

8. ‘My friend spotted Kelsey Grammer in a bar and tried to sneak a pic, but totally got caught’

(via u/WEIGHED)

9. ‘What happened here?’

(via u/why-does-it-say-take)

10. ‘Only packing the essentials!’

(via u/HudzonVisuals)

11. ‘Yogi bear waits for campers to return during covid season’

(via u/inu_yasha)


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