Jill Biden’s coat shows just how far we’ve come from Melania Trump

The new First Lady, Dr Jill Biden, is on her first official visit overseas and it happens to be at the G7 summit in Cornwall.

Pictures of Dr. Biden, the President, and the newlywed Johnsons have been shared to show that the so-called ‘special relationship’ is intact.

One thing that really grabbed people’s attention was what the good doctor wore – and we don’t mean in a sexist ‘women in the public eye are just clothes horses’ kind of a way.

Check out the coat.

And a closer shot.

Here’s her explanation for the choice.

It’s a far cry from the coat worn by the former First Lady, Melania Trump on an official visit to a camp for immigrant children.

The contrast resonated with a lot of people.

The conclusion?


Melania Trump visited one of Donald’s child prisons and people can’t believe the jacket she wore

Source Twitter Image Screengrab, Screengrab

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