This exchange between landlord and tenant defines ‘ask a silly question’

Over on Reddit’s r/Facepalm forum, u/Ozzy247 has shared this perfect example of why facepalming is a thing.


Having worked in property mgmt this is fantastic response to a landlord who doesn’t want to be responsible for anything. Good job!


Reminds me of the time a company asked for a photo of something that wasn’t delivered and the guy just sent his empty hands

It brought back this memory for u/OpenForDebate.

Reminds me of a time I went to the ER because I was having chest pains. This doctor goes.. “Hmm.. it doesn’t look like you have chest pains.”

“Yeah well the pain is coming from the inside, not the outside doc.”

from Facepalm GIFs via Gfycat


Bad day? Could be worse, you could rent from one of these landlords

Source r/Facepalm Image r/Facepalm, Screengrab

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