Emma Stone’s comedy air kiss went viral all over again because it’s simply epic

You might already be familiar with the subReddit r/WatchPeopleDieInside which, as the name suggests, captures moments of excruciating – and invariably hilarious – public embarrassment.

And this clip of Emma Stone’s comedy air kiss is a classic example. It’s from the Golden Globes four years ago but don’t let that put you off.

Love everything about it, from the air kiss itself to everyone’s reaction afterwards (especially Stone).

“That was weird.”

‘Yeah, “That was weird, I’m sorry!” looks like.’

‘She actually handled that like a boss. Pretending to be normal and continuing on like nothing happened would make it even more weirder and awkward as f-ck.’

‘Pretty sure the guy is Damien Chazelle – the director of La La Land (which would explain why Gosling and Stone are both there). Winning a Golden Globe while kissing your wife and getting hugged by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling has to be a high point.’


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Source Reddit u/unknown_human

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