Kelsey Grammer went full Frasier in X-Men 3 – and they deleted the scene!

We can’t imagine why this spectacular moment from X-Men 3, The Last Stand, ended up on the cutting room floor.

Just look at it – it’s magnificent.

Imagine seeing that in the cinema. You’d spit your Tango Ice Blast and popcorn all over the place. Mike Meehan had this to say about Kelsey Grammer’s performance.

He’s not wrong.

It looks like people now want the director’s cut to include Frasier’s Beast’s Henry V moment – and possibly nothing else.

This response from @LandPirates62 is everything it should be.



This Faceswap is going viral because it highlights “how incredible the Frasier casting was”

Source Alblllon H/T Mike Meehan Image Screengrab, @LandPirate62