This woman’s outburst at the driver ‘following’ her turned cringeworthy very fast

It must be terrifying to realise you’re being followed, and this woman’s courage in confronting the driver behind her is quite something, if somewhat risky. What happens after that – not so admirable.

Not even a “Thank you”.

The post, by u/enjoytheride, has been trending high on Reddit’s r/unexpected forum, and these are just a couple of the responses to the cringeworthy episode.


Everyone goes straight to rage these days.


Too bad she didn’t call the cops. That would have been an amazing episode 2

Some people thought it had been faked, for one reason or another.


Fake because no way IN HELL is a woman stopping and getting out of her car to confront men who have been following her.

Or she’s just stupid.


It would be impossible to leave the car from the left side, walk towards the other car behind and not realize the nozzle hanging

Some people were undecided.


This could very well be fake but I’ve leaned to never underestimate people’s stupidity.

A Redditor with inside knowledge spoke up.


I worked at a gas station for a few years and watched it happen a few times. It was always funny for a customer to walk in, place it on the counter and be like “um, this is yours” lol. They are designed to break away though and you just snap them back on.

I also watched as someone got in their car and drove away with their delicious large coffee on the roof. It fell and spilled as they sped up. Very sad.

So, we’ll leave this here.


Imma say it’s real until one of you internet people can give citation other than ‘just because…’


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