These homophobes got the response they deserved after complaining about a lesbian kiss

A group of definitely homophobic and possibly also racist white women ruined the chilled atmosphere at a pool by complaining about a black lesbian kissing her girlfriend.

Happily, the other pool users reacted in the best way – by verbally escorting them from the area with cries of “shame“.

Instagram user Art Kaligos, who filmed the incident, explained –

“Pool Karens asked a female couple to stop kissing in front of kids.

This woman asked a female couple to stop kissing by a public pool because kids were present. So we gave her the Cersei Lannister treatment while they were escorted out by security. SHAME!!

#stophomophobia #accountabilityculture #pridemonth #loveislove #sacramentokaren”

He told Daily Dot that Domonique Veasley and her girlfriend had been singled out by the women, and had been reported to security – who dismissed their complaint and asked them to apologise to the couple.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of anti-racist organisation, One People’s Project, shared the footage on Twitter.

These reactions say all that needs to be said.

Gibson Johns was one of many people who pointed out a big problem with the ranting womens’ argument.

from Shame GIFs via Gfycat


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Source Art Kaligos H/T Daily Dot Image Screengrab

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