An American listed the weirdest things that are perfectly normal to Brits and went wildly viral

This American woman went wildly viral after sharing all the normal things we do in the UK which would be totally unacceptable (and occasionally entirely ill-advised) if they happened in the US.

Georgia Lisa Dollan – @yorkshirepeach on TikTok – is originally from Atlanta and currently lives in Leeds so knows exactly what she’s talking about.

And she clearly struck a chord because her TikTok video has so far been liked more than half a million times …


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Here are just three of the things she listed.

Leaving packages with neighbours … “I didn’t even know that was a thing until I moved here”

Playing knock and run (or indeed knock down ginger) … “Please don’t do this in America, because if you enter someone’s property they can, you know”

MOTs … “Telling Americans they have to get their cars MOT’d every year. No chance. You should see the state of the cars we drive around. You could drive around with your bumper hanging off, a flat tire. It doesn’t matter”

And just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

You can follow @yorkshirepeach on TikTok here.

And if you’re particularly in the mood for this sort of thing, it took us back to this fabulous thread by Jessica Rose, an American who’s lived in the UK for 10 years who listed all the things she found ‘weird as hell’ about the UK.


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