An anti-vaxxer’s smug meme earned them a takedown for the ages

An anti-vaxxer shared this Dumb and Dumber meme, calling out what they saw as idiots getting the vaccine to help them avoid becoming seriously ill with Covid-19.

It’s a common cry from anti-vaxxers, and at least one vaccinated person was more than ready with a comeback.

from Mic Drop GIFs via Gfycat

Gunpowder_gelatin765 summed it up.

‘Average vaccine researcher- does well at high school to get into a good uni, slogs butt off at uni, goes the ends of the earth to get through grad school, and burns the midnight oil wrt vaccine development and finally helps the release of vaccine backed up by multiple peer reviewed studies.

Random idiot on the internet who probably failed high school: Lmao your wrong and my research can prove it.’


An anti-vaxxer went head to head with two Chasers and it went much as you’d expect

Source r/MurderedByWords Image r/MurderedByWords, CDC on Unsplash

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