Nadine Dorries deleted her Twitter account but these 9 glorious self-owns will live forever

Sad news today that Tory MP Nadine Dorries has deleted her Twitter account after her latest unfortunate self-own.

The only surprise, surely, is that she didn’t ditch it sooner.

But if you’re missing her already – who isn’t? – then enjoy these 9 magnificent times the health minister suffered a glorious self-own.

1. When she took aim at Dominic Cummings and blew her own foot off

2. When she claimed the Tories created twice as many jobs in Hartlepool as there are people

3. When she said no-one predicted Covid would be over by Christmas

4. When she complained that we won’t have any MEPs after Brexit

5. When she went into bat for Boris Johnson and ended up clean bowled

6. When she said only a crystal ball could have predicted the second lockdown

7. When she said David Davis was ‘trained to survive’ (he didn’t)

8. When she said there’s no such thing as herd immunity

9. And finally, when she said this on ‘Clap for Boris’ night …

… and it prompted people to share their ‘Nadine stories’

Let’s hope she’ll be back on Twitter soon.


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