Michael Spicer’s conversation with his fridge might be the most relatable thing you see today

Comedian, author and actor, Michael Spicer, is a comedy treasure, and has become very well known for his brilliant takedowns of the idiots of politics with his Room Next Door sketches.

Here’s a reminder – an apt one, under the circumstances.

But he’s more than the guy in the Room Next Door – he’s also a man with a fridge, looking for the butter.


a conversation with my fridge

♬ original sound – Michael Spicer

We’ve all been there – metaphorically speaking, rather than in Michael’s fridge.

When he shared it with Twitter, people there found it just as relatable as the TikTok users had.

If you want to see Michael perform his Room Next Tour – see what he did there – you can find the dates and venues dates here, and – of course – follow him for Twitter updates and more funny stuff.


Michael Spicer was in the Room Next Door for that ‘bunny hugging’ speech

Source Michael Spicer Image Screengrab, Simon Sapper on Unsplash