Matt Hancock was ‘busy saving lives’ during the damning Cummings evidence – 11 sick burns

As you must surely know, former SpAd and Honorary Life President of the Barnard Castle Tourism Board, Dominic Cummings, spent more than seven hours answering the questions of a House of Commons Select Committee, on the government’s handling of coronavirus.

He was scathing in his recount of the chaos unfolding behind the scenes.

Cummings had particularly savage criticism for Health Secretary Matt Hancock, saying that he “should have been fired for at least 15 to 20 things, including lying“.

Boris Johnson has made it clear that he has “complete confidence” in Matt Hancock – which is so often the first sign of a minister’s doom.

People remembered Hancock’s unqualified support for Cummings’ decision to travel to Durham during the first lockdown.

But the indomitable Mr. Hancock had his own response to the fallout.

Twitter had some thoughts on his claim – not all of them safe for work.



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