‘Baby seal’s first time in deep pool’ wins ‘aww!’ of the week

Here’s a lovely little escape from everything else that is going on right now, a baby seal’s first time in a deep pool which went viral on Reddit because, well, watch.


“No no. No I don’t like. Oh, oh no. Oh. Oooh.”

‘Well, I have witnessed how the mothers do this in the wild, wish I had a video to share. Baby doesn’t want to go in water…… Mother and child sound off at each other for about 30 seconds. Mother grabs child by scruff of neck and throws child in water. It was a Wow experience.’

‘Ah so my dad is a seal then. I learned to swim the exact same way.’

And if you’re really in the mood for this sort of thing there’s a much longer video here (it’s especially adorable at the 3.34 minute mark).

‘The way he looks up at his caretaker … melts my heart.’


‘Run in opposite directions to see who your dog loves more …’

Source Reddit u/lemongrasspm YouTube

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