‘After months of trying, finally caught this asshole turning the lights off’

If you only watch one funny cat video this week then watch more funny cat videos. But also make sure one of them is this, shared by HaydenScramble over on Reddit.

‘After trying to catch him in the act for months, we finally got this asshole on film turning the lights off,’ said HaydenScramble.

And our favourite three comments …

‘Within this cat, is a dad from a previous life screaming “TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ROOM!”

‘Going to show my teenagers this cat. (A cat turns off more lights than they do)
Congratulations on your money saving cat.

‘It’s not as funny when he turns all the lights on in the middle of the night!!’

Even more talented than we thought …


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Source Reddit u/HaydenScramble YouTube

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